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The Bloggers Opportunity Guide

Are you new to the blogging world? Looking to find new blogging opportunities to either improve your blog DA, increase traffic to your blog or even find paid blogging jobs? Within my ‘The Bloggers Opportunity Guide’ I will outline a few different options you have to enhance any of the above questions you may have to increase your blog awareness.

Gifting with Mateus


The Bloggers Opportunity Guide

I have been blogging now for over 8 months and only within the last two months I’ve taken the plunge to look for blogger opportunities for my blog and myself. This has enabled me to work with a number of different companies through;

  • Gifting
  • Paid Collaborations
  • Sponsored Post
  • Affiliate Links

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some wonderful companies so far, and I am very grateful for this! Below I will outline some of the best ways to get involved within collaborations/sponsored posts.

1. Get Blogged

Signing up to ‘Get Blogged has been one of the best ways I’ve found to engage and write content for my blog and get paid for doing so! Paid Blogging Jobs is a great way to enable you to generate extra cash through your writing. The blogging opportunities through Get Blogged are updated on a weekly basis. The opportunities will outline the relevant DA needed to be able to apply for the opportunity. The Blogger Outreach will help improve revenue, rankings and grow awareness. You will then be able to write a ‘Pitch’ as to why you’d love to work with the company and explain the type of blog post you will ultimately write. Get Blogged therefore allows you to build your audience and engagement through different opportunities.

If successful you will be emailed letting you know this, you will then have 5 days to complete and publish the opportunity on your blog. You will then need to log back into your Get Blogged account to be able to ensure you get paid for the works. Once logged in make sure you add the link to the post on the opportunity section on your dashboard. Within a few days all monies will be paid into your PayPal account! It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

2. Twitter

Another great way to find blogger opportunities is through twitter. A lot of companies/PR agencies advertise opportunities through this social media channel. Check out Hashtags such as #Bloggerswanted #PRRequest #Bloggersrequired. I’ve found quite a few amazing opportunities through this mechanism. Some may be paid others could be gifted. Just make sure you are happy with the ‘contract’ between yourself and the person/company.

3. Emailing Companies

Over the last month or so, I’ve started to email companies that I’d love to work with. I’ve made a list of blog posts that I am in the process of writing, such as a ‘Christmas Gift Guide’ and a ‘Autumn Night in Guide’. I have contacted a few well known companies regarding getting gift items which I can review and include within the posts! I cannot wait to show you all some of the AMAZING organisations I have got on board… Watch this space! I am no means a big blogger so receiving emails back accepting my proposals is such a reward feeling. I’d highly recommend giving it a go. Check for the companies PR or Marketing email address rather than your email go astray within the companies general email address.


I hope you have found the bloggers opportunity guide useful and informative, if you do have any additional questions feel free to drop me an email or DM on twitter. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for ALL opportunities and take on board some organisations may not see your wealth so stick to your rates etc so you don’t get taken advantage of!





The Caseapp Collaboration

I was approached by the lovely Caseapp company to work with them on a collaboration. I’d never heard of Caseapp before so I really intrigued as to what they were all about. The Caseapp collaboration allowed me to look into their website and social media to find many cute designs and guess what… you can even personlise your Phone/IPad or Laptop case!

I spoke to the lovely Moa throughout the collaboration. She made a couple of suggestions as how best to work with Caseapp. Therefore the Caseapp collaboration has allowed two elements for you readers to enjoy!


As you may know I held a competition over on my Instagram.One lucky winner has won a lovely voucher to get their own Caseapp case of their choice!! The winner has been announced on my Instagram story.


If you love the look of Caseapp and are in need of a phone case upgrade why not head to Caseapp and use my discount code “LIFEOFEMMAX20” where you can received a 20% discount on any purchases you make, you will not be disappointed!

As part of the Caseapp collaboration I was lucky enough to receive my own iPhone and matching iPad cases… which I love!! How cute are they together?



* this was a collaboration with Caseapp all items were gifted to me


Going Self Hosted

Going Self Hosted

Are you thinking about going self hosted with your blog but unsure where to start? In this post I’ll be talking through, hopefully everything you’ll need to know to get you from your ‘’ website to your very own domain. It is super easy to do and I hope you find this little ‘Going Self Hosted’ guide both helpful and informative.

Why did I go self hosted and when?

So, after a month of blogging (Very quick I know!) I decided that I’d like to make my own little space open to the Big Wide World for everyone to see. I was never a huge fan of the but it got me going to help start my blog.

My decision to go self-hosted was a mix of everything but mainly the ability to customise my website more to my own style and being able to improve my website Domain Authority (DA) you may see blogging opportunities asking for a DA of 20+ etc so that was a BIG factor for me as to why I went self hosted so early on.  But before making the decision maybe ask yourself a set of key questions to see if now is the right time:  Are you dedicated to your blog? Are you wanting more control over the appearance of your blog? Do you want to grow your blog? If the answers to all of these are YES, then self hosted may be right for you!

The Host:
If you’ve looked into going self hosted then you’ll know just how many hosts are available web site hosting with Silky Ocean Studios looks amazing! Sadly I am stuck in a year contract with GoDaddy, but there is a whole range of services that ‘The Host’ companies offer, so it’s definitely worth looking around for a good deal/ a company you can rely on.

I went with the standard web hosting package with GoDaddy priced at £2.99/month. It’s one of those, if you are willing to pay and invest you will obviously get a better service compared to being on hold for 10 minutes waiting for someone in US to answer the call. I’d always recommend looking at price clauses and renewal fees (Don’t get stitched up!)

Moving A Blog to Self-Hosted:
I had a site and expected it to be quite a hassle but I was able to export my old blog and imported it into my new blog within 15 minutes, all by my self with a little help from an online tutorial! GoDaddy and Silky Ocean Studios both have excellent technies on board to help you if you get stuck along the way. GoDaddy has a wordpress one-click install so you can access your and get going straight away!

Themes and Customisation:
This was/still is my favourite part of going self hosted! Being able to edit your blog to exactly how you’d like it to look. Whether this be colour themes, design themes or the custom font you use on the blog. I actually decided when I was going self hosted to buy a one off payment blog theme from Pipdig! They have a lovely array of beautifully created designs to suit any blog/website. They even integrate it all together for you within 48-72 hours and the support they give is the BEST. I cannot wait to change my theme when I get bored of my current one and I know they will have loads to choose from! It’s so easy to change and integrate everything to your blog  which therefore means you can increase your blog traffic, SEO, Google Adwords all extremely easily.

I loved going self hosted and I am so glad I decided to from near the beginning of my blogging journey!

I hope you found this of interest and if you have any questions about going self hosted feel free to drop me a line 🙂




Finding the perfect dress

Heading to a evening dinner with work? Been invited to a wedding or just looking for the right prom dress? Finding the prefect dress is important! Being able to find a dress you feel comfortable in, one that you feel suits you and that others will look at and be speechless.

There’s such an array of shops you can search such a department stores which host a large range of brands to suit everyone. Finding the perfect dress is easy if you know and understand what you are looking for.


Wedding Guest Outfit

Finding the perfect dress for to wear as a wedding guest is important. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb in the bride and grooms wedding photos. One of the key things to remember when looking for a wedding guest dress is, have an idea on colour before going shopping. Whilst looking for a wedding guest dress I try and look for something a bit ‘out of the ordinary’ a dress that I wouldn’t wear everyday. Below is a lovely mint dress ruffle dress that I spotted in Oasis.



This would go lovely with a pair of cream shoes and cream bag or for a little bit of sparkle why not wear silver?

Are you looking for Bridesmaid dresses for your big day or even your own wedding dress… You’d be surprise with how amazing our department stores can be to find that lovely satin number for your best girsl. John Lewis and Debenhams have a lovely wedding section in my local stores, perfect to have a little gander at. Also if you are getting married in the near future, remember you can enjoy wedding photo sharing with fellow guests from your wedding this allows for all your wedding photos to be stored in one place.  This allows everybody from yuor special day to enjoy viewing all the lovely photographs of you and your guests.

Prom Dress

Your whole time at school is leading up to when you can get glammed up for your prom and party the night away with your friends before you head out into the adult world. You want to make sure it’s an unforgettable night and that you have lots of amazing pictures to look back on, so you’ll need to find the perfect dress to suit your style. Make sure you pick a prom dress that flatters your figure and suits your colouring so it looks timeless and you’re not left looking back at your prom pictures thinking ‘why?!’. To find your prom dress check out the amazing ‘Prom Dress Finder‘ website where they have a whole range of lovely styles/colours to suit every girl looking for their dream dress.  They sell a whole array of accessorises, shoes to glam up your perfect dress.


This elegant green dress can be found on the Prom Dress Finder website for an amazing £55 so you don’t have to shed out ££££’s on that special dress, just ensure you feel comfortable in the dress you choose.


Finding the perfect dress is important, guys really do not understand us girls and why it takes us so long to decide and pick a dress to wear. They are lucky and can get away with a suit for all occassions!! Have you been looking for a lovely evening dress or your future prom dress? If so I hope you find the perfect dress soon 🙂




5 things I’ve loved about summer

As summer is slowly coming to an end and I am sure autumn is just around the corner. I thought I’d share with you all the 5 things I’ve loved about summer.

With the great British heatwave this year we have been very lucky to have enjoyed lovely warm weather, for once! I know a lot of people were complaining by the end, but c’mon we ALL loved it really 🙂 I know for sure I am one of those people who loved going out for walks in the evenings after work, enjoyed being able to spend time in the garden planting flowers and making use of my new veg patch… it wasn’t as successful as I had hoped but we all have to learn somewhere, right?! Anyway I thought I’d share with you all the 5 things I’ve loved about summer.


5 Things I’ve Loved about Summer

1. Outdoors

Being able to spend the evenings outside, whether that be in  a pub garden, going for country walks in the New Forest or heading down to the beach to watch the sunset. After work I enjoy being able to switch off, and this allows me to do this rather than sit at home watch endless seasons on Netflix or Sky Films.


2. Friends and Family

Spending time with friends and family. Summer is always full of outings and events, mainly due to the lovely weather we have experienced. Numerous BBQ’s, trips to the beach and I even visited our local lido a couple of times this year… which I loved!



3. Festivals

I love going to festivals whether it be a small intimate village festival or a full on national festival like Isle of Wight or Reading! This year I attended “Common People” in Southampton and had a blast. Lily Allen was headliner on the Saturday and she was pretty damn good live.


4. Exploring

I enjoy nothing more than visiting new places, exploring new country walks in the New Forest and finding nice places to eat and drink. I headed down to Looe, Cornwall for a few days in August and loved it! Who doesn’t love some proper Cornish pasties and Cornish ice cream and cider… Have you ever been to Looe? Or down to the South Coast? If you follow my blog or instagram you’ll know that I love nothing more than going to the beach and the forest 🙂


5. Weather

This summer has definitely been one to remember.. mainly because of all the lovely weather the UK was lucky enough to experience, 7 weeks of sunny weather is so unheard of!! I took advantage of it, especially as I didn’t have a summer holiday abroad planned this year [Buying a house] so it made it feel a bit more like I was on holiday being able to wear dresses and dress up in shorts was lovely.


What have you been up to this summer? Are you sad it’s all coming to an end and autumn is slowly on it’s way or are you looking forward to cosy nights in, wearing jumpers and fluffy socks?