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Hey Guys! As you may have guessed this a collaborative post with the amazing Posterstore. Hopefully this post will enable you to think of ways to improve you interior designing of your home. Along with share ideas of how to create wall art with prints or posters. I can’t wait for you to read all about Posterstore. So here’s why you should home decor with Posterstore. 

Posterstore Wall Art

Home decor comes in many forms, whether that be decorating old furniture with chalk paints, upcycling that wooden bar trolley or even adding a bit of sparkle with vases and fairy lights. I love wondering around home stores but since buying my own home I’ve always struggled to find the right artwork for my home. But that’s when I was lucky to be approached by Posterstore. Let me know tell you a bit about Posterstore. At Poster Store you can find posters & frames with scandinavian design that are both beautiful and affordable – they give you all the inspiration you need for designing your own gallery wall! Trust me when I say you’ll end up spending hours scrolling through their Instagram for ideas. If indecisive like me you’ll be there a while whilst deciding.

Below are just a couple of reasons why I’d recommend taking a browse of Posterstore:

  • Having a large poster selection of different themes & categories for all tastes and release a new poster collection every Tuesday, new ranges are forever being added
  • A unique prints that will help you create your own gallery wall tailor-made for your home
  • All their posters are printed on sustainably produced high-quality paper

My Style

I was looking for prints which suited my style. I had already purchased a black and white canvas of New York. But with white walls and grey living room furniture I was looking for something now natural with a bit of colour. I loved the plant vase posters, so opted for two different varieties of the Illustration/Abstract vase prints.

I love the colours, and the uniqueness of these two prints. They will really brighten up the living room.

I have also loved the perfume bottle prints you can get, in grey and pink. Posterstore also have this print so of course that ended up in the basket as well. Perfect addition to my bedroom. I have an idea of popping it above my dressing table so I am sure it’ll fit in just right there.

home decor with posterstorePosterstore also have a range of frames for the posters and prints. The frames range in colours from wooden oak, black, white and silver. Silver suited my style the best so obviously have to keep up the grey theme. Are you the person who has all the frames to match, or do you like mix and matching the frames?


I am definitely a person who has to match everything, but that is just my person preference. I hope this post has given you some ideas for creating you own Home decor with Posterstore through inspiring wall galleries. If you find a print you love then pop in my discount code for 35% off LIFEOFEMMA35 – I’d love to see all your art walls!



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  1. The Healthcare Hustle
    August 25, 2021 / 12:06 am

    the perfume bottle prints looks so cool!! i want one now 🙂

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