Lighting your home for summer

A Hey Guys, hope you all enjoyed the sunny weather over the weekend. With that in mind what a great way to start thinking about lighting your home for summer. This can be done in a number of ways, keep reading to find out my quick tips.  Summer is quickly approaching and there’s nothing better than a quick spruce of your home to make you feel that summer vibe.


Lighting is one of the obvious ways to lighting your home for summer, changing your warm lighting which you had in Autumn/Winter for cooler colours. This is a great place to start. Whether it’s adding a floor lamp for those darker nights. Some LED lights for a kitchen or simply adding solar panel lights to the garden. All of which will brighten up your home. LED strip lighting are a great addition to your kitchen or under a dressing table in your bedroom. So why not purchase some classic LED strip lighting for any application

Adding a table lamp is a great way to improve on lighting throughout the home, this could be within the bedroom or in your living room. Lamps come in so many forms. So you can ditch the boring lampshade style for a more intimate glowing lamp. 


Mirrors are an ultimate must in the home. A mirror reflect the lighting allowing for extra light to transform into any room no matter on how much light it generates through natural sunlight. Whether it be a small mirror in the bathroom, or a larger full length mirror in the hallway. They’ll both not only look great but also help in lighting your home for summer.  I popped into Ikea when I first picked up the keys to my home, and found the perfect addition to my hallway! So why not head down to your local home stores and take a look, they have just an array to choose from. 


DIYing is a great option to add light. An obvious one to many of us… colour! Colour is the perfect way to lighting your home. Whether you choose a nautical style, a boho chic look or a more neutral colour palette. Your home is yours, so why not be extravagant with your colour choices? If colourful painted walls aren’t your think you can always add colour through furniture – a yellow sofa… Or maybe just adding canvas and paintings to your walls is more your type of thing. 

Painting one feature all can also help lighting your home for summer, and all year round in fact.  Farrow and Ball are my go-to for paints. They have such a unique range which doesn’t help with my indecisiveness! But also great for upcycling old furniture to match your interior decor. I’d highly recommend giving them a look. 


Ultimately lighting your home for summer is your choice, but trust me it’s a decision you won’t regret especially in the dreary winter months! There are plenty of other ways to lighting it up but hopefully you have found my tips useful and something you are now looking to consider during your DIY evenings and weekends.


*This is a collaborative post. 


  1. June 7, 2021 / 9:32 pm

    Totally agree! Lighting is so important. When I first moved in, I immediately changed out the lightbulbs for the entire house to be brighter! Lovely post, Emma x

    Lynn |

  2. June 8, 2021 / 9:56 am

    I love this post- and making sure my space is light and breezy is so important for my mental health! Thank you for sharing x

  3. June 8, 2021 / 2:15 pm

    Painting is my favorite way to spruce up a home. I have a steady hand so it’s pretty easy for me to change up colors quickly.

  4. June 30, 2021 / 8:48 am

    Totally agree. Lighting is so important.
    I love that lamp. Where is it from?
    We need to get some better lighting at ours. So I might invest in some led strips!

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