In the kitchen with Schwartz

Hey Guys… I can’t believe we are now just over a week until the big day! Where has December gone? It always flies by.

This month I’ve been in the kitchen using the Schwartz range of seasonings, and spices. You’ve probably heard of Schwartz, a well known seasoning brand.

A few highlights of Schwartz commitment to the highest standards of quality include:

• We have the largest quality investment in the spice and seasoning industry, and we are in an elite group of companies around the world to achieve a Safe Quality Food Level 3 Certified Supplier rating,
• We developed a clean, safe, efficient and natural steam pasteurization process for herbs and spices, designed to preserve the ingredients’ quality and characteristics.

Schwartz Italian Herb Seasoning

Oregano, followed by a gentle kick of thyme and basil, rounding off with a little dash of parsley, sage, bay leaves and black pepper.

Its a lovely aroma, perfect for adding some flavour to meats or fish. I’ve used it a couple of times on chicken for our Sunday roasts, and trust me it makes the meat taste super yummy. Full of flavour with a herby taste but not too full on, if you get me.

You could use the seasoning if you are looking to marinate meats, however it all depends on your taste buds. I sprinkled it on the chicken, then added the gravy. However next time I am going to try and sprinkle the Schwartz seasoning before cooking to see if the chicken absorbs the seasoning.

Schwartz have a vast array of seasonings, there lots of festive flavours such as Cinnamon. Perfect for those Xmas eve cookies or evening Ginger for the gingerbread men and houses. I love that in Tesco they are 2 jars for £2.50 so why not go check them out!!

I will definitely be using the Schwartz Italian Herb seasoning again. It will go perfectly with roasted potatoes, or in a bake tray of roasted veggies. As well as being a perfect addition for the summer bbqs. I can imagine it will be super yummy with bbq kebabs sprinkling on the veg or meat. I’d therefore highly recommend check it out, you will not be disappointed!

Hope you all enjoyed this foodie post about Schwartz!




*item was gifted but all views are my own

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