The Best Lighting Schemes for Your Living Room

So I’ve been moved in nearly 3 months now… it’s been full on of decorating, buying furniture and home furnishings. So I thought it’ll be a great time to share with you all a home post!


Colour scheme, furniture and accessories all play a huge part in making your living room aesthetically pleasing. The lighting you go for is also very important because it really helps you alter the ambiance. In living rooms that let in a lot of natural light during the day, you may really notice if the room is poorly lit at night. That’s when a decent lighting design becomes essential.


Before lighting a room, it’s vital to consider how you’re going to use the space. If you’ll be doing lots of reading on an evening, task lighting is an important option for you. Alternatively, you might be more of a movie person, in which case recessed lighting will be a better choice. It will reduce the likelihood of glare and reflection on your TV screen. Generally speaking, it’s better to layer your lighting so that it can be used in lots of different ways, from curling up on movie night to entertaining guests.

In smaller spaces, the lights you choose to install will help you create the illusion of space, which is perfect when combined with light coloured walls and minimal clutter. Of course, you won’t want to buy something big and bold for a Living Room, like a chandelier, as this will just look silly and out of place.


As well as the size of the room, there are lots of other factors at play that should help determine what type of lights you install. For instance, if the space is open plan then it’s good to experiment with different light fixtures in each section to clearly separate and define them. Floor and table lamps are always a great option for living rooms because they are quite warm and inviting. This will help you ensure the space feels quite relaxing.


Lighting your home can feel like an overwhelming task sometimes, especially without professional help, but as long as you put a little forethought into it you shouldn’t have a problem. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and be adventurous with your decisions.

As you can imagine furnishing a home is hugely exciting but also such a decisive decision to make. Colours, schemes (pattern/modern/chic) and also the theme you’d like to represent. Pinterest is a fab place to look for inspiration and tips!



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