Top Tips for Managing Your Own Blog

Hello Guys! Hope you are all enjoying this autumnal weather… this post is all about managing your own blog like mine.

If you’re a blogger the chances are that your skills lie in content writing and maybe photography, but not web design and development. However, unless you’re willing to employ a web development company, you will need to pick up some basic skills in order to operate your website properly. After all, there’s no point putting a lot of effort into your writing if no-one can read it.

Managing a Blog

There are some basic things you need to know when you have your own website. Before you start, you need to have clear goals in mind; what do you want to achieve from your blog? What’s your niche? How do you see your blog progressing? This will help you determine things like a colour scheme, imagery and the layout of your menu.


You might have a free WordPress blog but it’s definitely worth owning your domain. This will help you monetise your blog when the time comes. It is certainly more professional and will open up new possibilities in terms of website plugins, blog themes and HTML etc. There are lots of themes available online that you can choose from and put your own spin on; this is far easier than having a custom website built and you might even be able to pick it up yourself. Your blog will need to have a fast load time so that people don’t get impatient and exit in frustration. It will also need to be responsive and work well on mobile.

Social Media

Share your posts across all social media channels and build up a following of loyal readers. Show off your personality, but try not to retaliate to any negative comments –  this will only reflect badly on you. You should make it easy for people to contact you through your site and also have an option to subscribe so that you can start building up a list of email contacts.

Of course, this article has merely scratched the surface of what’s involved when running your own website. However, there are countless other things you’ll need to think about. Don’t be afraid to invest a little money into your blog if you’re serious about it. Because it’ll be worth it when you start working on brand collaborations and installing ads.

Over the last year and a half I’ve managed to work some well known brands on both paid and gifted campaigns. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with brands and cannot wait to extend my collaboration list in 2020!



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