How Can Branded Merchandise Help Your Business?

Hello everyone.. this post leads on from my last post about marketing – are you a business owner, or a networking advocate?

There are a huge variety of options for businesses when it comes to their marketing strategy. Trial and error is often necessary in order to find out what actually works and what doesn’t. Whether you go for traditional print advertising or paid ads on social media, there is no right or wrong answer. Branded merchandise is one option because it’s a way to attract both new customers and encourage repeat purchases from existing ones.


If you’re off to a networking event, you might choose to wear branded t-shirts so that people know which business you belong to. Perhaps you’ll have your own stall, in which case it’ll be nice to give away branded items like promotional power banks or another useful product. Research has proven that if you have a giveaway item, people are far more likely to come over to your stall and chat to you. It also gives them a physical reminder of your business long after the event is over.

Stationery is a popular option when it comes to branded merchandise. Many business owners like to give away promotional notepads or pens at pitch meetings. This therefore allows your branding to stay on the potential client’s desk for all to see, for the foreseeable future.


Promotional products also work for eCommerce websites who want to take their service to the next level. For instance, at special times of the year such as Easter or Christmas, when your customers place an order you could add a little thank you gift to their delivery e.g some little chocolates. This will make you memorable and your customer will appreciate the surprise.

Try and be as original as possible when it comes to your branded merchandise and make sure the products you choose reflect your business values in some way. For example, if you run a beautician, giving away branded pocket mirrors would be more relevant than promotional mugs.


Personalised merchandise therefore gives that final touch to any organisation who enjoys sharing products with clients. Involving graphics into their marketing and reaching out to new potential opportunities with branded items.

I hope you enjoyed this read. I work within marketing so I know how well personalised merchandise goes down at exhibitions and events. It’s key items for any organising and the costs of items definitely are a great budget tool!




  1. Lisa Alioto
    October 30, 2019 / 12:19 pm

    I really need to do more of this, professionally, for my business. It’s so true what the power of spreading your brand around on merchandise can do.

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