What keeps you up at night?

Hey everyone… it’s me! This post is a little different to my normal “How To” or travel posts. But it’s an interesting one to get you all thinking!

It may seem like a weird question I ask yourself “What keeps you up at night”, but a recent survey but Beds.net, a mattress and bed manufacturer in West Yorkshire, have conducted a survey to discover some of the reasons us Brits aren’t getting a good night’s sleep.

The survey revealed that 73% of respondents were being kept awake by stress (probably caused by Brexit). 34% of respondents are failing to get their recommended eight hours, due to their uncomfortable bed or mattress. And 2.4% of respondents lay awake each night  being tormented by ghosts.

 According to Beds.net’s survey, the capital appear to be having the worst nights sleep. With respondents complaining of broken sleep caused by noisy neighbours, escaping pets and “the neighbourhood cock mimicking the tunes of Pavarotti”. With one London resident even claiming they’re kept awake by a recurring dream of a gorilla in a white t-shirt.

So I thought I’d share with you all what keeps me up at night.

I’ve recently moved house, and like many of you may know it’s a bit daunting and it takes some time adapting to a new “bed” well also because the bed is super new as well 🙂 so that means not only trying to get comfy but wearing the bed out a little bit!

I’ve two funny stories which have happened to me recently & kept me up at night:

Firstly I’m a very light sleeper, if liked you wake up to weird noises you may have experienced the same! I was away on holiday, something woke me up…. bolt upright I am trying to listen to what it is. It sounded like someone having sex… you know what I mean! It was coming from outside, so I decided to creep out of bed and take a look out of the window (I was shocked so I had to investigate) I couldn’t see anyone… I could even hear people talking… this is noise. I looked up onto the roof of the building opposite and could see two birds (yes.. you’ve got it!) there were two blackbirds mating on the roof in France at 2am which kept me awake.

I will never live it down, that I woke up to the sound of sex and it was actually blackbirds mating.

Have you had any interesting, funny or embarrassing stories? I’d love to hear them 🙂




*this post was written in conjunction with beds.net


  1. October 13, 2019 / 9:12 pm

    How honest of you to share the little fears and hauntings that keep you up at night. The feeling of a new space around you takes time to adapt to; when I have gone to cook at camps, I sleep lightly on the first day as the new bed takes adjusting to. It is odd to come home, though, and find the old space as comforting as ever. Making a new space into home, for however short a time, is hard!

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