Looking Stylish This Summer


If you are a lover of summer style then read on to discover the top trends to rock before we kiss goodbye to the sunshine for another year…


There is only one place to begin and this is with the beautiful geisha inspired fashion attire that is on trend at the moment. From silk trousers to obi belts to kimonos; this trend is graceful and electric all wrapped up in one. One of the reasons why Geisha inspired clothing is set to be such a hit is because whilst it looks extremely high fashion and glamorous, the clothing pieces tend to be highly comfortable too.


You would be surprised how comfortable this luxurious and delicate-looking material can be. Silk is, in fact, an all-climate fabric, which means that while it is comfortably cool in the summer, it is also warm and cosy during the cold months. Therefore, you can keep warm or stay cool without losing your trendsetter status by investing in a beautiful silk scarf.

Scarves are timeless accessories, which means they can be worn any season and will never go out of fashion. Team this with silk, which outperforms other fabrics during winter and summer, and you have the perfect combination.

You will have no trouble finding the perfect scarf for you, as there are many different styles available. Not only in terms of colour and design, but you can choose from various silks as well. ChamChuri, in particular, is a great choice, as it is luxurious and warm. Silk is exceptionally comfortable. It can easily be worn as a second layer without restricting movement or making you feel like you have been wrapped up for Christmas!

Silk has a divine smooth surface, and a lot of the cosiness comes from the fact that it is highly absorbent and dries quickly, thus absorbing perspiration and letting your skin breathe. In fact, silk can absorb as much as 30 per cent of its weight, and it won’t even feel damp.


Every year there is one vibrant colour that shines brighter than all of the rest and this year it is aqua. Reminiscent of the stunning sea, aqua is undeniably a perfect summer shade. The great thing about this colour is the fact that there are an array of different hues and thus a shade to suit all skin tones and hair colours.


Floral is a trend that we never seem to get bored of. It has evolved dramatically over the years, yet it never leaves its place at the top of the style stakes. The great thing about floral is that this trend encompasses an array of different interpretations. All you need to do is look at the various Gerard clothing containing floral patterns to see that this is the case.


The combination of black and white is simple yet extremely effective. It is bold, eye-catching and dramatic. If you want to bring a high fashion edge to summer, then monochrome is the way to do it. You should also consider booking an appointment with your hairdressers if you want a sleek and high-fashion cut to go with this style. After all, short and striking hair cuts can look beautiful while being practical during the summer.

Plunging necklines

Spring and summer is an exciting time for any follower of fashion. You can throw caution to the wind and embrace a whole host of fun and funky patterns, silhouettes and embellishments. A trend that is assured to be a hit for the months ahead is plunging necklines. Of course this trend is not for everyone. The key accessory you need if you want to rock a plunging neckline is confidence. After all, you are going to be exposing a little bit more skin! So, if you have the self-assurance required, read on to discover more about this eye-catching trend…

Plunging necklines aren’t always easy to get right. You need the right styling and the right balance. The pairing of this trend with another popular fashion, masculine tailing, is proving to be the perfect marriage. You have the sleek and sophisticated masculine influences coupled with the playful and sexy neckline, creating a striking yet classy look.

However, if masculine tailoring does not appeal to you, you can go for the complete opposite with a soft and feminine approach. This works well because ethereal silhouettes and lightweight fabrics provide the ideal contrast to a plunging neckline, and consequently you achieve the perfect balance. This is also an excellent choice for the months ahead, as it gives you the opportunity to embrace beautiful pastel shades.

Your Figure

Your figure type and the size of your bust will obviously play a crucial role in determining how you wear this trend. This type of neckline is a lot safer for those who have a modest chest. If you fall into this category, a deep V neckline is extremely flattering. However, don’t forget to use double-stick tape and stick to the rule of only flaunting one part of your body at a time.

If you are well endowed and wish to rock this look, you’ll need to be more cautious with your selection of garments. Making sure your dress or top is roomy and that your breasts don’t appear to be pushed together. It is advisable to opt for dark colours and go for a subtle plunge rather than a dramatic one.


And last but not least, this is a trend for those who love everything that is sexual and sultry about the summer. Red and ruffles; these are the two words that come to mind when taking inspiration from flamenco music. And don’t forget to wear with confidence!


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What’s your summer style?




  1. May 20, 2019 / 5:45 pm

    Great post!
    I love wearing a floral outfit in the summer as it’s when my really girly side comes out! 😊
    Especially floral dresses with sandals!

    Love Lozza xo

  2. May 20, 2019 / 5:57 pm

    I wish I could pull off any of these styles ha!

    Lola Mia x

  3. hauntedhistoryjaunts
    May 21, 2019 / 4:51 am

    I’m intrigued w flamenco style now! Going to search that out! And I need some new summer attire too, I will also be buying the aqua!!

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