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Hello…. welcome to day 12, yay! It’s newrly the weekend and not long left until I finish work for the Christmas break. I cannot wait to have some days off to chill and enjoy Christmas.

So day 12 is a lovely Christmas Blogger tag post. I asked a few blogs some festive questions about all about Christmas. I have also answered the questions myself.

I wonder if you share any of our traditions, or love the same things we do?

Christmas Blogger Tag


1) How do you spend Christmas morning?

Me: I spend Christmas morning at my mums, normally starts with Buck’s Fizz and opening stockings. Putting the turkey in the oven and prepping the veg.

Jade: In a hotel room [usually Vegas] then to the Outback Steak House.

Chanel: We open presents in the morning. My Dad and I then visit my Gran and Auntie [on his side]. When we get home my cousins have usually arrived. So we all go down to the same pub every year, and spend the morning there before having a crisp walk home for Christmas dinner.

Abby: I always wake up super early around 5 or 6am. All the family will wait outside the living room door and one of the parents will check santa has been. We then open our stockings first and all other presents after. Then at around 8am we’ll all have a big breakfast together with the world works!

Amy: My christmas morning this year will be spent listening to christmas songs, drinking bucks fizz, slowly getting ready and spending it with my parents before going off to meet the rest of my family.

Meg: Well this will be my second christmas away from my parents home, so I don’t have any traditions set out yet. But myself and my boyfriend wake up early and have pancakes. Unwrap presents and then it’s off to see the family.


2) What’s you most festive activity that you do every year?

Me: The most festive activity I do each year is visiting a Christmas Market. I just love the atmosphere, the smells, roaming around the stalls… and most of all the yummy food and drink!

Jade: Giving Gifts and giving blessing bags to the homeless shelters.

Chanel: Every year my best friend comes to Nottingham for a christmas market and christmas shopping day.

Abby: I don’t know if it counts as an activity but every christmas eve the whole family sit down all snuggled up in our cosiest pyjamas and read The Night Before Christmas. We take it in turns to read it each year, it’s a lovely tradition that I will carry on with my family for years to come!

Amy: The most festive activities I do every year is driving around to see all the christmas lights around my hometown and going to the Newcastle Christmas Lights switch on with my best friends drinking hot chocolate.

Meg: Hmmmm… I’d have to say decorating my families tree’s or going to Christmas Markets.


3) If you could spend Christmas anywhere [money not object] where would you go?

Me: I’d love to experience a cold snowy wintery christmas in Lapland. And also would love to spend Christmas in Australia on Bondi Beach having a BBQ.

Jade: Vegas always!!

Chanel: New York

Abby: I’d would love to spend it at home. I’d love to visit New York in December, but I’d always want to be home for Christmas Day.

Amy: I would love to spend it in Bruges or Lapland, as they look the most Christmassy of places and seems so magical!

Meg: Tricky Question!! I’d have to say New York or a lodge in the mountains somewhere.


4) How far in advacne do you shop for Christmas presents?

Me: I try and be organised and have most of my Christmas shopping by mid to end of November, I hate leaving it last minute… It panics me too much!

Jade: January sales…I always have everybodys christmas presents by February.

Chanel: I start around October/November – just when I start to see things people would like.

Abby: Every year I say I’ll start early, although I never do! I think I got my first Christmas present in October and didn’t do any other shopping until the first week of December. I’ve still got quite a bit to do!

Amy: I’m the worst and I always buy christmas presents so last minute! So next year I’m making a deal to myself to start planning early!

Meg: November is the earliest I’ve ever brought any christmas presents.


5) If you could change one thing about Christmas – what would it be?

Me: I’d try and spend more time with family and also be organised by making shoeboxs for children less fortunate.

Jade: I would decorate my house more!

Chanel: I would have more trees!

Abby: I wish everyone got the 3 special days over christmas off so that you can spend the time together. I know it couldn’t happen, but in a dream world it can, right?

Amy: If I could change one thing about Christmas, I would change the weather. I would love a white chirstmas at least on Christmas Day.

Meg: SNOW! I would make it snow every Christmas.


I hoped you all enjoyed reading this Christmas Blogger tag post, as much as I did preparing it and reading all about these lovely ladies christmas routines/future christmas wishes. Please do check out their blogmas posts, they are all amazing!


Stay tuned for Blogmas day 13 tomorrow…




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