2018… New Year Resolutions

So that’s 2017 over with.. we are into our second week of 2018 already, where did the first week go!

I have decided to knuckle down and get a few resolutions in place for 2018, not only to motivate myself but to inform and provide information for my lovely readers.

Begin to keep fit and exercise

So.. I thought the first goal of 2018 would be to join the gym to start a regular plan of fitness and ways to lose a bit of advent calendar FAT! I started the gym on 28th December to get myself in gear for 2018, currently going 3 times a week… Hoping to step this up as the weeks pass and I see improvements in myself. WISH ME LUCK.

Saving money

I set myself a goal last year to be in a position to buy my first property within the first half of 2018. So I am saving… saving… saving as we speak!  Which means less eating out and more making my own food and using recipes from lovey sites such as https://www.slimmingworld.co.uk/healthy-eating/non-vegetarian-menu.aspx . Therefore, I am busy every day on Rightmove looking for the ‘Right’ property for myself! Exciting time ahead…


I am new to the blogging world but it’s one of my goals for 2018 to spend more time taking lovely photos of myself, travels, food and of life in general. My aim is to post at least once every other week on a specific topic of choice.

I would love to engage with more people online and find my own unique style over the next month or so.


      Emma x




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